Baldi’s Basics Song- Basics in Behavior [Blue]- The Living Tombstone feat. OR3O

تحميل الفيديو بأكثر من جوده واكثر من امتداد

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➢ Music Production - Yoav Landau
➢ Video Production - Pedro Calvo
➢ Vocals - OR3O - https://www.youtube.com/cha...
➢ Lyrics - OR3O, Bobby Yarsulik (BSlick) - https://www.youtube.com/cha...
➢ Vocal Editing and Tuning - Fruutella - https://www.youtube.com/cha...
➢ Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music) - https://iamrecursion.com/

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Verse 1
Everyday I go to a school that likes to help with learning
One two threes, they’re the keys, basic math, very easy.
To Baldi’s world of fun where no one leaves ‘til educated
Every door is locked up tight, stay inside, till we’re graded

Prechorus 1
The students try their best to
Better their education
Comprehend the material
Study hard, relay every detail
Nobody wants detention
We only want attention
Even when life is tough
Oddly quarters are enough

Chorus 1
This is how we live our lives searching
for the answers inside of every page, and I’m here
Wondering if one day, we’ll
finally be free from this cage, Is it o-
-kay, to have a feeling, that
maybe there is more to this game, however
now, no time to question...
So just behave.

Verse 2
Walking across the hallways, finding notebooks so we matter
Follow every single rule or he’ll take out his wooden ruler
For he is listening and watching everyone’s progression
All mistakes have consequences, so answer right with every question

Pre Chorus
Try to add up excuses
Nothing will make a difference
Baldi knows every door that we open
Following from behind, we can hear him
There is no place for playtime
Avoid them all from every side
Better to leave him be
Follow his philosophy

Chorus 2
This is how we live our lives searching
for the answers inside of every page, and I’m here
Wondering if one day, we’ll
finally be free from this cage, Is it o-
-kay, to have a feeling, that
maybe there is more to this game, however
now, just keep behaving...

Sweep through the halls, to escape, will have some sacrifices
No room for jealousy, I’ve got no time to
Play, hide and seek, cus eventually he’ll surely find me
Have to be brave or better keep behaving…

Chorus 3
Count till I don’t know what counts, every
Inch of fear is all that’s ingrained. Can’t Under-
-stand. What’s the solution? The problem is the mess in my brain
I’m pushed a-
-round, with all the pressure, To
be here when i don’t want to stay, There’s gotta
be some sort of exit …
To get away.

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